It can be pretty overwhelming when walking into a carpet showroom with all of the many varieties of carpet and their different textures, colours and materials to choose from. Customers often ask us which they think is best for them and of course the answer varies depending on where the carpet is being used. For a lot of homes needing carpet the answer is easy, a wool carpet will add style, elegance and sophistication at the same time as being hard-wearing.


Here are some of the benefits of wool carpet:

Flame Resistant- Wool carpets are naturally flame resistant and if they were to catch on fire they have the ability to self extinguish with its insulating qualities that won’t melt when in contact with any heat.

Long Lasting:

Wool will last for many years whilst managing to keep looking luxurious. It has great strength which allows it to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Environmentally friendly:

Wool is a natural material that serves its purpose on the sheep during the winter months and can be used when removed from the sheep in the summer to make carpets instead of contributing to landfill sites. Choosing wool keeps the carbon footprint low as the energy that goes into producing wool is minimal.

Wool Contributes to Good Health:

As wool is natural it is non- allergenic as it deters the growth of dust mites and other bacteria. It has also a natural gripping quality that helps promote good balance and posture.

If you call by our showroom we can show you our many varieties and styles of wool carpets on offer. We also have our 10% off all sale prices at the moment up to Christmas, so come and grab a bargain!