Shopping for and choosing a new carpet is exciting as it is something that can really change the look and feel of any room in your house. Like most people you probably don’t spend too much time thinking of the underlay that is going to go underneath your carpet out of sight. After learning a few things about it you will soon see the importance of choosing the right kind of underlay for your home. Here are a few of its benefits:

It provides a soft cushion effect for walking on, making your carpet feel more luxurious.

It provides better noise insulation than carpet alone.

It provides great insulation over floorboards with big gaps in and adds extra protection from cold floors.

It extends the life of your carpet, so saves you money in the long run as you aren’t grinding your lovely new carpet into the floor underneath.

Tips for Choosing Your Underlay:

Choose the most suitable underlay for your needs and don’t make price your first consideration, for example- a thicker foam underlay would be the best option for insulation over floorboards and will give bedroom carpet a thicker look and feel.

Try to bear in mind that underlay wears out at the same rate as carpets so when replacing carpets, check that your underlay is in decent condition as replacing your new carpet over old underlay will mean that your carpet will wear out quicker.

If possible have a feel of underlay in the carpet showroom to gauge the desired thickness before your purchase as most underlays come in different thicknesses.