It’s that time of year now where many of us are starting to decorate and spruce up our homes ready for Christmas and may want to have new flooring installed to finish off the look of the newly decorated room. We thought we’d give you a little bit of insight into the benefits of using cushion floor vinyl.

Variations of design:

Now we have some amazing cushion floors that give you the classic look of wood or tile without the expense of the real thing. With cushion floor there is more scope for variation in design and colour, from the most natural looking wood to the most unique and inspirational texture.


If you’re looking for something that can withstand your children turning the bathroom into a swimming pool or even something that will be protected from wet shoes and dirty paws then cushion flooring is ideal for installing in your utility room, kitchen, bathroom or hallway.


Whether you are walking around barefoot or with shoes on, cushion vinyl absorbs noise really well so it’s ideal for apartments or flats where noise reduction is important.


It’s lots cheaper than buying the real thing and now we have so many realistic looking tiles and hardwood style cushion flooring that there’s no need to break the bank.